Plane parts for conversion

GB Salvage offer a wide range of plane parts both to be converted and already converted and ready for use.  You’ll find a diverse range of parts we’ve sourced from retired planes all across the UK and Europe.  We find and buy aeroplane parts with the full intention of turning them into amazing pieces of furniture and lighting.  Having only limited space and time we have to part with some great pieces.  So here you’ll find components and muddy puddle finds right up to stunning finished furniture.

There’s almost no limit to the imagination when it comes to making use of parts of old planes. These days it’s all about unique and daring ideas and oversized industrial furniture.  A few years ago a piece of aircraft fuselage wall art was really only for a board room or reception area, now it’s all the fashion at home.  Even Taylor Swift was chopping up a plane in her latest music video.

Our aim at GB Salvage is to create stunning industrial furniture made with parts from planes, boats, subs and heavy industry.  This aim inevitably means we buy a lot of stock that is very time consuming and costly to convert into finished furniture.  Therefore in this category you will find parts and components.   You can then ask us to convert these items for you or we’ll happily help you do it.  Alongside rusty parts we haven’t yet had time to convert, you’ll also find our finished projects.  We have a range of beautiful seats, tables and mirrors.

We hope that showing our raw materials will help inspire project and furniture ideas you’ll want to discuss. As you’ll see we also sell the components ready for conversion.

Under certain circumstances, we also offer a rental service for film companies, sets, props and one off events.  So please get in touch if you’d like to come and see all our stock and discuss a project.

A range of military parts sourced from the MOD ranging from a small cog right up to missile bases, bombs and 6m long fuel tanks. We focus on British military goods but do occasionally find foreign military pieces of interest. And we also specialise in modern era militaria but do have the odd antique gunsight for example on offer.

We convert and restore every item we can but occasionally have to offer our components for sale to generate space.  Therefore in this section you’ll find items we haven’t yet got to.  We’d love to discuss your project idea and can convert items to your specification.  We undertake work for private and commercial clients.