GB Salvage Sold Products

We find, restore and make unique products so we keep a record of some of what we’ve made and sold over the years to help you come up with project ideas. There are also examples withing our sold items that we can get more of or re-create so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss an idea.

Industrial Lighting

Over the years GB Salvage have become specialists in industrial and aeroplane furniture and lighting.  We also seem to attract large runs of heavy duty industrial lights ready for conversion to LED and re-spraying.

Ships Lighting

We also stock a lot of salvaged ships lights, being based in Plymouth, Devon.  These can be either ex military or civilian ships,

Our Lighting Conversions & Creations

Some of our creations have included mild steel pipework lighting, copper pipe jewellery and bedside lights.  In 2016 we even made a range of titanium pipe pendants from an aeroplane exhaust system.  We also convert items never meant to be lights into modern and unique light fittings.  We’ve made lights out of gramophone speakers, 747 engine casings, plane fuselage and missile or bomb bases we’ve acquired from the MOD.  There’s no limit these days to what can be up cycled, the more unusual and bonkers the better.

We look forward to hearing about your project ideas.