Marine Salvage

Welcome to our range of products based around a marine salvage theme.  We source a huge variety of ship, boat and submarine stock being based in Plymouth, Devon.  GB Salvage buy marine salvaged components primarily to upcycle and make lighting and furniture with.  On occasion though we have to be realistic about space and part with some pieces we haven’t yet got to working on.  As such you’ll find a range of finishes from untouched through to completed, converted and polished.

We specialise in ships lights and floodlights but also offer ships telescopes, ships binoculars, dials, instruments and fenders for example.  Occasionally we’ll find something really special such as our amazing yellow submarines.

If you have a particular requirement or idea please get in touch. We’ve supplied a load of lobster pots for use in retail displays for example.

On occasion we do offer items out for hire, normally to film companies but also for launch parties and commercial functions.