Metal Sliding Doors for a New Build

An amazing selection of plane parts…

We’ve been busy sourcing and have an amazing selection of plane parts. 

It’s always dificult to show on a website the sheer array of cogs, fans and fuselage we have.  Much of what we acquire we haven’t even got names for it’s just uber cool.

So this news post is dedicated to ‘please visit us’.  We’d love to see you and because we are bonkers about what we do we’ll be delighted to show you all of our interesting projects.

A few of the items we’re still working on;

  • Lynx tail table
  • Wing tip desk
  • Wing Garden Sculpture – carbon fibre / shiny alu
  • Cowling Champagne Chiller
  • Cowling Chairs – cut into three bench style chairs with oak and amazing leather padding
  • Jet Fan Tables
  • Jet Fan mirrors
  • Shiny Cowling Hot-Tub
  • Cowling Chair – leather